Brother . . . 

If You Have Been Feeling Like You're Capable Of Having So Much More - -



Awaken Your Power

Take Your Place As A Leader

Strengthen The Master Within 

Up From Here 

A Nine (9) Week Online Process

  • This will be a safe space for men to examine, explore and investigate their "Invisible Ache," secret fears, personality archetype and core beliefs.

  • This will be a space where men will learn ceremonially from men and receive the healing support from women.

  • This will be a space where you will learn to see yourself and women differently.

  • This will be a space where you will identify what hurt you and how you have hurt yourself.

  • This will be a space for fact-finding and fact-facing to explore the challenges of manhood.

  • This will be a time to elevate your sense of self, re-define your perception of manhood and uplevel your energetic and vibrational frequency in the world.

  • This is an opportunity to stand fully as a leader in your current world reality.


Every Morning, You See Him.

But Do You Really KNOW Him?

You get up, do the same routine… 


Shower, shave, and maybe force down some breakfast.


The face in the mirror feels familiar, but . . .

You can feel something’s off.

That little voice of doubt,

it never seems to go away, does it?

Maybe you're short with your kids, your partner… heck, even the dog. 

Or maybe you've shut down completely – it’s easier that way, right?

Less chance of blowing your cool with all the daily pressures.

Deep down, you know something isn't right.

You see other guys who seem to have it figured out.

The ones who walk with confidence, speak their minds, and make an impact.

Ever wonder...

"Why not me?"

Here's the truth, brother…

It has nothing to do with how much money you make, what kind of house you have, or what kind of car you drive.

It's about what's happening inside.

The old wounds, the unresolved anger, the unspoken fear, you've been carrying. 

THAT'S what keeps your foot on the brakes..

And when those things get healed you will live in to your full potential… To be the leader you were created to be!

It's Not Just You. It's Your Family, Your Future...The Whole World Pays the Price When A Man Doesn’t Heal.
The FALLOUT from unhealed men?
It's everywhere.

Broken relationships.
Children growing up without the fathers they deserve.

Workplaces filled with tension and missed opportunities.
And what about YOUR dreams, the goals you put on the back burner? They start to fade.

Resentment creeps in.
This isn't about placing blame or making judgments.

It's about taking responsibility and disrupting conscious and unconscious patterns that no longer serve you or your highest and greater good.


The Time is Now!

Men Must Heal So They Can Lead and

Then Lead So We Can Rise…


Forget What They Told You.  

It's Time to Rewrite the Rules


Society handed you a narrow script of what it means to "be a man." Things like…

Suck it up - - Hustle - - Never show weakness

But real strength isn't about being a robot.

It's about having the courage to know yourself fully…

The good parts, the challenged parts,
and the untapped power within.

True masculinity means embracing vulnerability alongside your instinct to conquer. It means connecting deeply with yourself and others instead of shutting down. It means leading with divine guidance, inner authority, clarity and intentionality.

Few Men Are Taught The Essence Of Masculinity...

Up From Here . . .
Is More Than A Basic Self-Help Program.

This is a sacred space designed specifically for men.

A brotherhood where you will be seen, heard, and challenged to grow.

Because facing those old patterns takes guts.

And it's a hell of a lot easier alongside brothers on the same path.

This is where you get real, dig deep, and emerge a stronger, more authentic version of yourself. 

Up From Here


Who is the Mastermind + Facilitator behind All This? Rev. Dr. Iyanla Vanzant
Her And The Team Are With You 100%!

She Sees Your Power, Even When Others Don't. It's Time to Rise and She Is Committed To Supporting Your Elevation or Evolution


Rev. Dr. Iyanla Vanzant isn’t your typical leader and life coach.

She's a world-renowned healer, a teacher of teachers, and someone who understands the unique struggles faced by men. 

Her work is rooted in deep spiritual wisdom, but it's also practical and results-driven.

More importantly, Rev. Dr. Vanzant sees what's possible for YOU.

Her love is fierce, but so is her belief in your power to transform. 

She won't let you play small so know that up front.

This is your chance to step into your full potential, guided by her unmatched experience and insight.

  • Private Live Zoom Sessions: This is where the brotherhood begins. You'll connect with other men on the same path, sharing honestly, and being supported along the way. Rev. Dr. Vanzant will guide you through powerful teachings and exercises using the “Up From Here: curriculum leading up to the ceremonial retreat.

  • Real-time Wisdom plus self-assessment exercises assigned weekly.

1 EASY PAYMENT OF $850 - 9-Week Online Program
  • An Experiential Process with live Q&A

  • A Shared Community for ongoing support and accountability.

  • Video Replays to watch again for any tools you may have missed.

  • An Interactive Workbook to integrate you power tools into your heart, mind, body, soul, and spirit.

1 EASY PAYMENT OF $850 - 9-Week Online Program

To reserve your spot today,

you can pay your registration in full of $850.00



The participation fee is $850.00. Registration closes on June 20, 2024, at 11:59 p.m. ET so that the team can prepare spiritually for each person’s arrival. 


Once class starts on June 22, 2024, refunds will not be processed. 



Please note: All Up From Here registrations are to be paid in full by June 20, 2024.


Focus on preparing for the incredible experience ahead!

Remember, This Is The Start Of The Rest Of Your Power-Filled Life!
We Welcome You Now To This Sacred Space, A Powerful Process, Where Transformation Happens.
Looking in your mirror, is your own man, who has a message that he is a master!

Is the man who needs to make a decision to shift. He is reading this right now.


Is you, who is moving from hiding, to owning, and showing up!


Is who you are shifting from, no longer allowing circumstances to dictate your reality, to taking responsibility to shape it.


Is THE MASTER who you DECIDE TO BE.  This is seriously about recognizing your inherent power because you are powerful.