Inner Visions Institute for Spiritual Development [IVISD] Presents…



A Nine (9) Week Online

Intensive Healing Initiation with A Four (4) Day

In-Person Initiation and Retreat

Yes! I AM Ready For A New Chapter


We are glad you landed here AND because you are here, we know that…

You are being called higher to remember the truth of who you are.

With each season or transition in a woman’s life there is a rite of passage or initiation, that marks the end of one season or, way of being, and the beginning of the next. It is a time of transformation. Throughout her life a woman transforms from one way of being to another, never to return to her previous life season. What happens during and around this transition, whether by conscious creation or by default, will set the tone theme for a woman’s experience of herself in her new role and in every aspect of her life.

All women need guidance and support as she moves through the lifecycles and transitions of her life.

Which is why we are offering the Rites of Passage program for women ages 20 years old and up!

At IVISD, we have done this healing and wellness work for over 25 years and by the countless number of testimonies, WE KNOW WHAT WE DO - WORKS.

Every woman stands on the shoulders of other women.


the wise grandmothers would take the young girls away from the village to teach them all that they needed to know about themselves and life as a woman.  The grandmothers knew that becoming and being a woman is a sacred affair, not an event. The young girls knew all they would learn from the grandmothers was important, necessary, and sacred.  They also knew that it was secret. Today, women learn, on the job, often without the nurturing wisdom of their grandmothers, but the learning process is still sacred.  Although many of the secrets are not taught today, the secrets are not lost. The sacred secrets of being a woman are etched in the soul of every woman. It is the duty of every woman to excavate the secrets of the soul and live them with grace.

When others made the personal investment for themselves, this is what they had to say:

It's totally worth it!

You will be blown away.


It's worth every penny, and it is life-altering.

You will not regret it.


It's one of those experiences

that'll change your perspective ... forever.


Like others who have participated in the Sacred Rites of Passage program, maybe you have been asking yourself some of the same questions they had before they started their journey.


Questions such as:











If you have asked yourself any one of these, then consider these words of wisdom by Rev. Dr. Iyanla Vanzant: 


“I now know that nothing in my life will change until I change the way I see my life and myself.”


the preparation, training, initiation, and celebration that marks a major change or transition in a woman’s life. The ceremonies are held to acknowledge her entry into new responsibilities to herself and the world.  The trainings, and initiations are spiritual in nature, meaning they focus on the true essence of being. The activities of a Rite of Passage process, how you are treated, what you are taught introduces, instructs, the woman about the values of her new role and the expected behaviors she will be asked to live into. This information defines the new mindset that makes a Rite of Passage a sacred experience.

Now, imagine what life would be like if:


 You really understood yourself
 Understood and accepted
     your past as necessary 
 You accepted and embraced your personal power
 You were able to remove
     the mental roadblocks
 You were able to find balance
 You were able to overcome exhaustion
 You really understood yourself
 Understood and accepted your past as necessary 
 You accepted and embraced your personal power
To learn more about the program review the ORIENTATION WEBINAR

The IVISD Rites of Passage program is an opportunity to:


Identify your true and authentic self.

Increase your level of self-mastery.

Expand and unearth stability, understanding, and peace.

Experience a supportive community of like-minded women to navigate your new awarenesses while learning how to integrate them.

Change how you see yourself so that you will feel empowered and renewed to embrace your next chapter with confidence and clarity.

Feel freedom by healing past patterns, discovering your true nature, and developing a deeper sense of who you are as a woman.

Build resilience in your heart within a heart-centered community.

It is the soul that makes a woman who she is. It has nothing to do with what she does or who she is in the world. It is her core. All of life’s issues are born in and healed through the soul. The personality is the clothes a woman chooses to wear in response to the developmental needs and deficiencies of her soul. As the driving force the soul is the place we store our “life maintenance supplies.” It is the place to which we retreat when our reserves are low. When a woman does not do or complete her soul work in a particular cycle of her life, she gets stuck in an arrested level of consciousness. When a woman is stuck, her way of being and reactions to day-to-day experiences may hinder her capacity to accomplish what she desires.


To join us, we ask that you make a commitment to yourself, have an open mind and heart and be ready to do the work and invest in yourself.


The process will begin as soon

as you are registered.


Do you know that when a woman does not do her inner work, or complete the inner work of a particular cycle, she gets stuck in a particular level of consciousness. When a woman is stuck in her way of being, her reactions and behaviors related to her day-to-day experiences may be an inappropriate approach to accomplish what she desires.

For women in Western culture, the rites of moving from one age to another and moving through transitional phases are often ignored. The changes of a woman’s body; her emotional and spiritual transitions, and her duties and responsibilities are generally treated as insignificant or, are treated with pharmaceuticals. Few of us were treated with celebration and honor to welcome us to our next phase of being Woman. At best it was ignored, at worst it was a source of shame and embarrassment. Few of us were led to believe that being a woman was wonderful.     

As a result, many Western women do not understand and fail to recognize or celebrate the significant changes in their lives. The Sacred Healing Rites for Women is an opportunity to remember, re-connect and celebrate all that you have been, who you are and what you are becoming. Women healing women, reminding each other, supporting one another is a sacred time.

Our Rites of Passage program

involves four stages:


Preparation - This will be a 9-week online process consisting of . . .  like-minded women, to learn the sacred songs, prayers, and dances of your Rites of Passage. To prepare for the ceremony you'll receive...

 Live group meeting sessions, (online) leading up to the 

   ceremonial retreat with Rev. Dr. Iyanla Vanzant and the team 

   using the Rites of Passage curriculum. 

 In real-time wisdom plus self-assessment exercises

    assigned each week. 

 An experiential process, review, and live Q & A


A private meeting group just for your clan (online), where you can develop a shared community for ongoing support and accountability.

 For the duration of the program large group lessons facilitated by Rev. Dr. Iyanla Vanzant will be shared to watch again for any nuggets you may have missed. 

 An Interactive Workbook to make sure this wisdom fuses into your heart, mind, body, soul, and spirit.

Separation - This will be a 4 day in person retreat where you will complete your training in the company of like-minded women, to learn the sacred songs, prayers, and dances of your Rites of Passage.

Initiation - In sacred ceremony you will release what is no longer necessary, claim and call in that which feeds and enhances the soul.ing in the company of like-minded women, to learn the sacred songs, prayers, and dances of your Rites of Passage.

Incorporation - This is the work you will do once you return home to mark the power, sacred and beauty of all you have learned.

And for the people who register early… wait for it…

*** You will also receive a sacred personalized gift at the in-person ceremonial retreat!

It will be a once-in-a-lifetime memento to serve as a reminder

of the enlightening experience you will have in the Rites of Passage Program. ***


✓ If you are ready to get more out of life, then… this is for you.

✓ If you are ready for a change, then… this is for you.

✓ If you are ready to create the life you want, then… this is for you.


Know that you can have the life you deserve and


There is nothing stopping you – only you. 

The choice is yours

Let’s go to the next level together.

  • Come because your joy is your responsibility. 
  • Come because when women laugh, learn, cry, and rejoice together, we are healed.
  • Come with a willingness to see it and do it differently.
  • Come with your heart. 

And we will be there to support you into living your fullest and best life yet!