Prayer Request

We believe prayer changes people, experiences, and situations. Let us pray for/with you.

Email Your Request: [email protected] 

Submit your request of 50 words or less. One of our ministers will hold you and your request in prayer for 72 hours.

While You Pray, Do A Mind Treatment


The mind is like a muscle. In order to strengthen the mind, it must be worked out and worked on. Daily Mind Treatment is a process for strengthening and toning the mind as preparation for the creation of a new experience.

Each of the following Treatment Statements will support you in strengthening your mind and transforming habitual thought patterns. You are encouraged to work with a Treatment statement for several days until it comes alive within you, meaning, you can feel the energy of it in your being. You may not believe the Treatment statement the first few times you read it. That is perfectly fine. Commit yourself to do the work and the Treatment will do its work – – – transforming your thought patterns.

In reading and working with the Treatment statements, you are free to and encouraged to change any word or phrase that may not fit or work for you. If the word Spirit feels better than the word God, change the word. If Divine Mind, or Most High feels better than Spirit, change the word. You are encouraged to work with these Treatment statements by using the language that feels right for you. By the same token, you may want to work through the uncomfortable feelings by working with the language that is offered. In doing so, you are giving yourself permission to expand your consciousness. The choice is yours to make for yourself.

Treatment Process


1. Read the Treatment statement and the Affirmation silently.

2. Speak the Treatment statement and the Affirmation aloud.

3. Spend a few moments in silence contemplating what you have just read, spoken and heard yourself speak.

4. Respond to the Treatment inquiries in writing in order to become aware of and clear out any resistance that may come up from the depths of your mind.

5. Read the Treatment statement again.

6. Choose one statement you will repeat mentally throughout the day.

Treament Statement

Darkness is not a complete absence of light. It is my failure to recognize the presence of the light that is available.

To shift the darkness, I allow myself to see the light, even if it is the tiniest ray or just a spot, a glimmer of peace, a wee bit of good or joy, I place my energy there.

I practice patience with others and allow myself to surrender to the darkness experience.

I allow myself to rest and release all resistance to what is happening.

I allow myself to be and allow my lessons to unfold until I have an awareness and understanding of how I need to grow. I will be mentally and emotionally still until I have the energy to focus intently on the light that IS available.

The more I focus on the light, the more I see, the more the light expands, and the more the darkness dissipates.

I believe! I trust! I know that the light is always with me and within me.

The light is always there to be found. The darkness, any darkness teaches me patience and trust.

I am learning how to be still and allow God to reveal the truth and joy and peace that is always available to me.

I am not afraid of the darkness because I believe, trust and know that God can be found wherever I Am!


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